Disadvantages of Online Jobs

With the internet becoming increasingly more accessible these days, online jobs also become more available as the web is made a venue for emerging and expanding businesses. Working online has many advantages, with cutting travel expenses and saving time among the most popular. It also provides the individual with greater flexibility of schedule, and less stress encounters associated with traveling. But as with any other desk job, it also has its share of disadvantages.

1. Lack of personal interaction with people. Undeniably, working online significantly reduces opportunities for personal interaction that desk or office jobs provide. Brief chats at work, office crushes, even the exchange of barbs with co-employees – these things you can miss out on online work, especially at-home online work. There will be more room for your internal chatter for sure.

2. Fewer personal networks. Sure, you have a global audience, and countless online acquaintances. But personal networking is still different. Online work environment provides a more limited personal interaction than work place environment, and if you are the type who normally stays home than go out and meet people, chances of expanding your social network will be very little. Even Facebook can only do so much.

3. Health deficiencies may develop from frequent exposure to the computer. If you tend to be workaholic, you will likely be adversely affected by your extended computer usage. Gears such as anti-glare, anti-radiation and anti-static monitor filters and protective computer glasses significantly help against eye strain and damaging vision impairment, but even those cannot counter the other effects of prolonged and frequent exposure to the computer, such as the tendency to develop neck strain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, other chemical and hormonal imbalances like iron deficiency. If you’re not the type to regularly exercise, these risks will double as you will most likely spend your working hours sitting in front of your laptop or desktop computer.

4. The legitimacy of your job. All of us want a glowing resume to present to prospective employers. But unless you check and double check the legitimacy of the company you are going to work for, there will always be the danger that the company you give your services to is not registered, or worse, does not really exist. Money scams are all over the place, and the internet is one of the easiest venues to push these rackets in.

5. Increased mental stress. This is associated with being cut off from one’s workplace environment, and the lack of frequent personal interaction. Stress response is also a result of the strain one experiences from being exposed to the computer for too long. It would be helpful to have someone with you where you work, just to release some of the tension. You have no choice but to keep to yourself when you are alone.

It’s good for someone considering having a full-time online job to carefully weigh both sides of the equation before committing. Online jobs are not suited for everyone. Other factors such as lifestyle, discipline in work schedule, health and home demands should also be taken into consideration. For those planning to shift from desk work, carefully assess yourself, your goals and your lifestyle before you take on this new route.


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